Focus On: Renli Su

Renli Su, London–based, Chinese–born designer creates much more than just clothes. She’s telling a dazzling story and builds an inspiring world you simply want to be part of. 

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UNPOLISHED ART: Hélène Delmaire : Painting The Loss of The Ego 

Nature, as much as Ophelia’s and WATERHOUSE’s aesthetics, brought French painter Hélène Delmaire on a path that some might consider disturbing, when her art actually transcends darkness for more light. No shame in assuming her oversensitivity: Hélène creates to lose herself in order to connect with others, and not only with humans, but with anything living. If mysticism, biology and the female body draw a smile inside and out of your soul, keep scrolling. 

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From Up There

Tayler Tupy captures model Amber Witcomb in her most natural state and expressing her purest thoughts in an exclusive film for Unpolished Online.

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