Throughout its history, Maison Flaneur has been devoted to impressive design, bringing unique pieces and amazing interiors to its community. The company believes that great design is a product of great designers, so each object should have a story behind it – one worth telling.

Anissa Kermiche who has recently collaborated with Maison Flaneur on a new project, is a woman of dualities – an engineer and a designer and a rebel who like to play with form and colour, a timeless classic. Through her designs, she blends the playful and the sensual, and the timeless and the trendy. She incorporates her personality and style into everything she creates, from earrings to bases to objects d’art. 

Maison Flaneur and Anissa Kermiche have teamed up on a collection of delicate, sculptural glass work. The popotin plates borrow their form from Anissa’s classic shapes and are available in a staggering array of pastel hues.