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Unimpededness and interpenetration; no cause and effect. John Cage

Loose leaf kids in an indoctrinated fix. A fume bath of roses, thorns given equal weight. A slower slow dance of her. A see-thru glue amidst palm tree woes. A circular bath of helpful bronze. BETWEEN FRIENDS are Savannah and Brandon Hudson, brother/sister collaborator/confidant muse/truth teller.

She is known as Sav which is fitting as she is a kind of balm of art house waves, a slumber in delicate tones. She seems gently stricken with an addiction to making, closely followed by her brother who is in the same unclaimed race. Their assigned world is complete in art direction, video concepts, and aesthetics to make you wish for a seer to enlighten.

They constructed a series of MIX TAPES that culminates with a 25 track album in June. For one version, they put the songs on a vintage iPod to give away, another has a blank disc with sharpie writing which used to be commonplace, how strange to find these relics anew. Their contribution doesn’t give rise to the usual suspects of description, look up the definition cislunar and I think that comes close.

Brit Parks: You have a myriad of cool versions of DIY in your work. Can you expand on what draws you to those ideas. 

Between Friends: To be honest, we never really planned it out. Everything we have created happened naturally and in the moment. We just want to make stuff: make it how we want and when we want. With that being said, we hope to continue filling our BF world with more and more things. We know that whatever we do will always have our own DIY DNA.

BP: I read you have a hand in all of your art direction, where did all those skills evolve from.

BF: We always kind of knew what we wanted our stuff to look like in addition to the sonics. Without really knowing how to use editor software, we would just watch youtube videos and then figure out how to make things look similar to what we were imagining. The trial and error process has really been a blast.  

BP: What state of mind do you wish your music would inspire in your audience.

BF: We are always over the moon if we can connect to anyone from our room to yours. 

BP: Can you speak of your overall mixtape concept/project set to culminate in June.

BF: This mixtape served as a diary for us during an isolated year inside. We have always been super into the origins of what a mixtape has been considered over the past 30 plus years. We wanted to make that for the streaming era, something that felt raw and honest but also something that can take you away from your thoughts for an hour. 

BP: What music has gotten under your skin lately.

BF: Recently, we have been very inspired by unfamiliar genres and/or music styles that we didn’t grow up with: garage, 2-step, Lofi Hip-hop, B sides of Motown records. For us, it is extremely inspiring listening to waves of music that are unfamiliar to us. 

BP: How does LA influence you personally and sonically. 

BF: Los Angeles has always played a big role in our creativity. Growing up in Florida, it felt so bizarre moving to a place where every corner felt art directed. Now that we have lived in LA for quite some time, we have been more inspired by the situations and experiences we have out and about. Those become our stories. 

BP: Your music seems to lend equal weight to vocals and sound, is that how it occurs to you.

BF: Those are our individual languages, Savannah is always melodic and lyrical, whereas I am always hearing the noises before anything. It’s a very yin yang thing. 

BP: Does being siblings cause you to feed off of each other or question each other more freely.

BF: Every day we are throwing ideas back and forth. It’s honestly one of the best things about what we do. One of us will think of something and we will ping pong it of each other until it’s perfect. 

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Images courtesy of BETWEEN FRIENDS

Photography by Elizabeth Miranda