Alighieri is a London-based jewellery collection that prides itself on its handcrafted and individual feel.

Musing awhile I stood: and she, who saw
My inward meditations, thus began:

In the first circles, they, whom thou

Are Seraphim and Cherubim. Thus swift

Follow their hoops, in likeness to the point,
Near as they can, approaching; and they can
The more, the loftier their vision.

Dante Alighieri, Canto 28

Alighieri is a London-based jewellery collection that prides itself on its
handcrafted and individual feel. The pieces are battered and delicate and deeply
rooted in a story. They’re designed for the modern woman, as she navigates her
way. Inspired by the Italian literature she studied at Oxford, Rosh Mahtani, the
collection’s founder, designed each piece to represent a narrative and each
collection is deeply personal to her, like delicate treasures that draw parallels
between her experience and that of other women.
Rosh elaborates.

What inspiration do you take from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”?

It’s a story about a poet, who wakes up in the dark wood, completely lost. I
related to that feeling after leaving university, and much of the collection is about
the adventure of trying to figure out the right moves.

I’m imagining the characters wrapped in gold now. So, what is Alighieri to

Alighieri is the universe that gave me a language that makes sense to me. It’s my
safe space, and a place where I’ve been able to create a community through

Do you view the pieces as modern heirlooms?

Very much so, we call our pieces “Modern Heirlooms” because I want them to
feel like pieces that have been dug up, like treasure, from the ground, and passed
on to people you love.

You often collaborate with other writers, designers, and artists. Why?

It’s my favourite part of Alighieri; creating stories, imagery and objects with
other people I admire – it’s like having a brilliant conversation that you get to
share with consumers. I thrive on that.

The collection debuted in 2014 and has already ignited considerable
interest. What has that been like?

It’s been such a rollercoaster and if I’m honest, very overwhelming. I couldn’t be
happier that people connect to something that is so personal to me. It’s a really
special thing, and I’ve learnt so much, and am still learning so much about how to
grow a brand.

Your pieces are beautiful.

Thank you so much. That really means the world to me.

Interview: Mazzy-Mae Green

Alighieri jewellery is available here and here.