For the 2018 Eyes Collection, Lucia Pica — CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer — drew inspiration from the magic of night, an infinitely intriguing symbol of freedom.

When the sun sets, a new and singular relationship forms with time, space, emotions and light. A new world, punctuated by halos and artificial neon lights that transform shadows into light and light into shadows. A world in which colors hide behind a veil of mystery or, on the contrary, reveal themselves in all their intensity.

With the first 3D-printed mascara brush marketed on an industrial scale, CHANEL Parfums Beauté once again pushes back the limits of cosmetics research and innovation. After its partnership with various innovative companies, CHANEL Parfums Beauté turned to another French company for this makeup innovation, a 3D printing specialist: ERPRO 3D FACTORY.

As early as 2001, CHANEL recognized the potential of 3D printing. In 2007, it registered a first patent for the manufacturing of cosmetic product applicators and notably a 3D-printed mascara brush. This project becomes a reality in 2018 with the launch of the LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL mascara. The Packaging Innovation department of CHANEL Parfums Beauté worked hand in hand with ERPRO 3D FACTORY to design and industrialize this unprecedented brush. “Together, we overcame numerous technological obstacles in order to push back the limits of 3D printing and create a revolutionary product,” points out Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Packaging Innovation Manager for CHANEL Parfums Beauté.