Photography by Jessica Griffiths

Words by Carolina Sandeman

À la rose, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Eau de parfum, gives roses the center stage in “an ode to femininity”. As the quintessential flower of love and luxury they set out to capture its aura, magic and secrets. 

This perfume combines the scents of two hundred and fiftiy Centifolia roses from Grasse in a floral base note “with sweet honeyed and carnal accents” and one hundred and fifty Damascena roses from Bulgaria in the way of an essential oil top note with a “playful blend of pear and lychee”.

It is floral and woody, with further top notes of orange from California, that gives it radiance and a breath of femininity, heart notes that feature violet and magnolia blossom, that brings fullness and generosity and a woody cedar and musk tone, that mingles with the Centifolia rose, releasing and leaving an airy and carnal aroma in your wake