Words by Sandra Bączek

Over the years, the fashion and beauty industries have seen many brands come and go. With the rise of digital media, the way in which we consume is faster than ever. Current and upcoming brands are facing a great challenge in order to remain relevant. It seems as if the only way to stay in the game is to truly obtain a recipe for success.

The Authentic Beauty Concept entered the market with a new, holistic approach putting their targeted consumers first. With their priorities set straight, and rightly so, the brand’s concept is even more promising – as by the look of things, when passion and people who share the same values come together, remarkable things can happen. Their desire to create an honest, simple and authentic brand that people can relate to has clearly paid off – with almost every ‘girl next door’ and influencer out there complimenting their products. 

Pure vegan formulas, free from silicones, sulphates and parabens. Products filled with integrity, carefully and sustainably extracted from the plant’s raw essence. A fully tailored, mindful experience delivered by professional hairdressers and artists to each individual customer. A unique journey of embracing and being you. As that’s exactly what ABC is about – being direct and open, but most importantly being real. 

It’s not just another beauty brand. It’s a whole new movement. The Authentic Beauty Concept is definitely here to stay. 

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