Horror Vacui means “fear of emptiness”. “I can’t imagine living or even working in an empty white room,” says the designer Anna Heinrichs “A love of detail is love for a full life.” Heinrichs, a law graduade, created a brand of pretty, floral, ruffles and supercool pyjamas and nightgowns. “I became fascinated by nightgowns of the 15th and 16th centuries, which were worn by aristocrats in order to protect their organs from the cold” – she told New York Times.

Editor-in-Chief of German VOGUE, Christiane Arp, invited Anna Heinrichs to present her collection at the VOGUE Salon during Berlin Fashion Week and, one year later, to join DER BERLINER MODE SALON. Since then fashion lovers around the world style and wear her nighwear as perfect daywear.  Her new collection is an absolute dream of every fashion lover.

A capsule collection of summer dresses inspired by early nightshirts, worn in Europe for the first time in the 15th and 16th centuries. That influence is visible in the voluminous, light models with details such as ruched necks, puff sleeves, and flounces. We are trully obsessed.

Horror Vacui dresses are available on Matchesfashion.com