Emma Rosenzweig has shot and directed a short film consisting of three chapters entitled “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. The Danish model, creative filmmaker and artist is also the face and muse of the Pre- Spring collection named after the film project.

The collaboration was born out of Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup and Emma’s friendship and Ditte admiring Emma’s unique and eclectic aesthetic and approach.

The films are playful and interesting. Shot on analogue film with mysterious shades, exploring the concept of time and talk, as well as our nostalgic bond to the past, living in the moment and uncertainty of the future.

The films have been edited into one film and broken out into three areas. The three films work as chapters. In “Yesterday” we meet a boy seeking something in a forest. In “Today” a female voice ponders on love, time, aging, childhood and womanhood. “Tomorrow” explores the concept through the medium of dance.

For this brand project, Emma delved into the GANNI archives spanning all previous seasons, styles and collections as well as featuring our latest Pre-Spring 19 collection.