Unpolished gets to know Californian model Courtney Coll who shares how she got into the profession and her some of her career highlights.


Photographer: Jon Gorrigan

Stylist: Kate Andrews

Hair and Make-up: Cathy Ennis

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How did you get into modelling and how old were you when you started?

I got into modelling about 3 years ago when I was about 22 years old. I was street scouted in Los Angeles at my friends music show. It was a late start into the career, as a lot of people start in their teens, but I would say it was for the better.

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What has been your favourite shoot to date?

There definitely has not just been one shoot that has been my favourite! I’ve modelled for such a great mixture of clients. I love meeting and connecting wth new people. When I go our of the country, it is just such a different experience than modelling at home.

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Who would you like to work with?

DANG! There are sooo many good gems out there that I would love to work with, I wouldn’t know where to begin!!


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If you were not modelling, what do you think you would be doing?

Living off the land and gardening in Northern California.Where were you born?

I grew up in Chicago and have lived in California now for almost 9 years. I loved growing up in Chicago and making my way to the west coast. I wasn’t surrounded by Hollywood or fame growing up in Chicago which really made me the person I am today!

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What is your favourite place that your work has taken you to?

Spain! Man, oh man – such beautiful living over there.

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Do you have a favourite Beauty product you could recommend?

Hyaluronic Sea Serum by OSEA – anything really by OSEA! It’s the only brand I really user unless I make the product myself. I try to stay all natural with the products I use but it can be hard when modelling and others aren’t in the same boat yet!

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