Happymess Kids, a Polish company, has carved a unique niche in the world of children’s products by embracing a design philosophy that fosters children’s connection with nature and self. Founder Daria Hanska passionately describes their collection, “Go Outside, Look Inside,” as a reflection of their vision to strike a balance between a child’s inner thoughts and dreams and the vast world that surrounds them. By combining these two elements, Happymess Kids aims to create a harmonious environment that supports children’s growth and development.

Building a Relationship with Nature

At the heart of Happymess Kids’ philosophy is a deep-rooted belief in cultivating children’s bond with nature. The company urges children to embrace the wonders of the natural world, igniting their imagination and nurturing their curiosity. By seamlessly blending a child’s inner world with their surroundings, Happymess Kids endeavors to establish a harmonious connection that enriches their overall well-being.

photo: Ula Małek

Empowering Growth and Learning

Happymess Kids designs products that empower children to embrace challenges, embark on thrilling adventures, and embrace the learning process, even in the face of mistakes. Childhood is a time for exploration, questions, and answers, and Happymess Kids seeks to provide an environment that fosters these experiences. By incorporating play, exploration, and exhilarating outdoor walks, the company enables young explorers to develop essential skills while discovering the world around them and their own capabilities.

photo: Ula Małek

Learning through Play

Central to Happymess Kids’ philosophy is the belief that learning happens most effectively through play. Their collection focuses on creating immersive and imaginative experiences that facilitate growth and development. Through engaging in play and exploration, children enhance their cognitive abilities, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Happymess Kids believes that by nurturing imagination and providing unstructured playtime, children can unlock the full potential of their learning journey.

photo: courtesy of Happmess Kids

Natural and Organic Materials

Happymess Kids holds a strong commitment to utilizing only natural and organic materials, ensuring the safety of children and the environment. This deliberate choice not only reflects the company’s values but also serves as an educational tool to instill conscious decision-making and environmental responsibility in future generations. By embracing sustainable materials, Happymess Kids actively contributes to building a better and more sustainable future

For parents seeking to enrich their children’s lives and nurture their connection with nature, Happymess Kids stands as an ideal choice. With their design philosophy centered around embracing the wonders of the natural world, Happymess Kids offers a range of products that encourage self-discovery and promote holistic development. As summer approaches, their collection, “Go Outside, Look Inside,” presents an enticing opportunity for children to explore the beauty of the outdoors and embark on thrilling adventures. By engaging in play, imaginative exploration, and nature-inspired activities, children can unleash their creativity, enhance cognitive abilities, and develop crucial life skills. Moreover, Happymess Kids’ unwavering commitment to using natural and organic materials ensures both the safety of children and the preservation of the environment. As parents seek ways to make the upcoming summer unforgettable, Happymess Kids provides a gateway to unforgettable experiences, fostering a deep connection between children, nature, and themselves.