Words by Carolina Sandeman

Photo credit to Ben Broomfield

For AW21 Molly Goddard takes us on a generational trip. Swiftly flowing through the decades and pairing their styles together, creating a collection with pieces that could have been, and can now, be handed down through generations. 

Missing the outside world and its little pleasures like people watching, shopping at markets and visiting libraries, Goddard took inspiration from the books she found at home.  

Particularly drawn to the generational and familial aspect of clothing, how it is handed down from one person to the next and the way that changes up how the piece is worn, she envisioned a family, how each person would dress and their characteristic attitude.

Classic and traditional British pieces are transformed with an injection of colour and updated fabrics, taking the concept of transferability between generations and ages further. Employing the likes of a pink herringbone tweed mini skirt suit, multicoloured all-over Fair Isle sweaters, frilled tailoring and a pink and red velvet collar wool coat for that effect.

The signature Goddard dress is designed with classic prom and party dresses in mind. An attempt at creating the ultimate dress, which is 100% recognisable in its influences but with exaggerated details, with over-the-top clashing tulle and taffeta bows, which become spiky in their sharpness, matching the bows on the shoes. This striking contrast confers the dresses with an almost ugly aspect to them that answers to the twist Goddard was looking for. 

The collection as a whole has an edge of toughness and practicality that isn’t deterred by the scale and colours of the pieces. A collection built on layering, details and colour, these enrich and complete intricate outfits composed of simple pieces. These key aspects go from top to bottom, be it layering a knit vest over a dress or strappy leather sandals over argyle knee-high socks. 

Being tired of the monotonous clothing gear displayed on walks in the park, Goddard presents this collection as an offer of pieces that are meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. Something we’re all looking forward to, being able to don our best outfits and actually enjoy and celebrate what we are wearing.