Words by Kanisha Neale

A beautiful punk twist on femininity for Fall 2021, inspired by the uniformity of Simone Rocha’s youth. This collection ‘The Winter Roses’, emulates a garden rose that has survived the odds of winter and is blossoming away the darkness, particularly relatable in todays unsettled times; the rose connoting a sign that hope is on the horizon.

The latest collection evokes teenage rebellion, incorporating tough elements like sculpted leather and harnessing pieces with Rocha’s signature, defined silhouettes with embroidered tulles and hand painted flowers on pearls. Elements of not only rebellion but also femininity cover this collection from head to toe in the form of detailed embellishments that juxtapose with tough biker boots and and jackets. Rocha has created clothing that is protective, practical and yet soft and gentile, creating an army fragile rebels.

Every aspect has been carefully considered down to the finest details – from the beautifully adorned garments to the to the tough accessories and romantic braided hair with a punk twist. Dainty elements such a bows, soft hourglass silhouettes and hand embroidered flowers that creep up creep and sprawl up arms meet unexpected buckle and leather details.

The location of this seasons presentation perfectly sets the scene, bringing the two key features, tough and poignantly pretty together. Staged within St Johns parish church, with its strong stone structure accompanied by finely detailed stain glass windows, mirroring the elements of Rocha’s latest creations.

Rocha has created beauty during unprecedented circumstances by finding new and remarkable techniques to bring two diverse themes together. Let’s hope that the darkness of recent times is drifting away and more beauty like this is to follow!