Text by Kate Sinclair

There is nothing better for lounging around the house than a cosy set of pyjamas and bigger is always better for ultimate comfort. Turns out we’re not alone in thinking this…

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Sleeper has designed a special collection of oversized pajamas after creating the world’s largest set of pajamas as an art piece. The creation of this piece is documented in a short film that also introduces us to the talented team behind the brand.

“Our goal was to share and intertwine two stories in this video,” the director Gina Onegina comments on the project. “One about the hands, minds, and hearts behind Sleeper; and another about creating a huge shirt, something reminiscent of Marina Abramovich’s Balkan projects. Both stories tell us about the path from an idea to its realization, about passion, self-confidence, and the sense of humour it takes to achieve great results.”

The project perfectly encapsulates the brands ethos, illustrating how seriously and passionately  they take their creations whilst also working with an air of lightness and humour in all that they do.

“It was actually while working on this, jocular object, and I am not being sarcastic, we were inspired to create its mini version,” shares Katya Zubareva, the brand’s co-founder. “A versatile, comfortable pajamas that would be ideal for both staying at home and going out. Comfort is a new luxe. And what can be more comfortable and multipurpose than oversize pajamas made from eco-friendly fabric?” adds Katya’s business partner Asya Varetsa.

The resulting collection is a dream. Relaxed fit slouchy pajamas, made from EcoVero fabric, in an array of soft shades including powdery pink, mint green and ash grey as well as classic stripes and playful polka dots. All garments are available in one size to accommodate all, with cuffs that can be adjusted to fit each individual. All are finished with mother of pearl buttons and come with a sweet matching hair ribbon to complete the look. Wear as matching sets or experiment and mix and match as separates. They can also easily be incorporated into daywear; try pairing one of their oversized shirts with jeans for an effortlessly chic look, or even the bottoms with a luxurious knit.

Dedicated as ever to ensuring their clothing is environmentally friendly, each garment is carefully handcrafted by their professional seamstresses, abiding by artisan-manufacturing traditions. Once complete, pieces are lovingly packaged into environmentally friendly linen bags that can be used again and again or can be completely decomposed when no longer needed.

The collection is now available online with prices starting from $285 for a set.

Sleeper is also available at Net-a-Porter & Browns.