When it comes to escaping the everyday, we all desire the extraordinary. In the town of Paarl, in the middle of the La Bella Vita Winelands you’ll find Santé – a wellness retreat & spa. 

Unquestionably, it’s much more than just a wellness resort. A one of a kind destination South Africa has to offer. Immediately upon arrival, the calming aura surrounding the hotel left us with a temptation to linger and never leave its scene. The blend of contemporary and antique architecture brings along a wave of nostalgia, a sense of belonging. The hazel façade softly gleaming in the sun, flawlessly tiled floors and calming interiors welcome guests into the world of peacefulness. A visual masterpiece. 

Through carefully assembled programs focusing on beauty and wellbeing, you quickly realise that achieving a balance between one’s mind, body and spirit is truly a priority at Santé. The hotel’s phenomenal cuisine filled with wholesome and unrefined foods will take you on an unforgettable culinary voyage. Visiting Santé is nothing less than a life changing experience, tailored and personalised to fulfil the needs of every guest. 

A stay filled with comforting sensations and breathtaking experiences. A stay we will never forget.