Sentimentally arriving the same week as Valentine’s Day, Australian/English savant of purposeful pop, Mereki today releases her new single “Twin Flame.” After opening with swelling and all-consuming chamber pop vocals, the song then dissolves into a more playful, upbeat adventure. Surrounding the listener with electronic experimentation and cascading vocals, the new track is the embodiment of the woozy dream-state of being in love.

Last year saw the release of Mereki’s first single of her new era, “Presence”. While in a writing room above the studio where Dhani Harrison and Graham Coxon of Blur were recording, Mereki was inspired by the guitars reverberating through the walls and began singing a melody that became the first verse. After sharing her melody with Harrison, the two were motivated to work together to complete Mereki’s composition. The release was met with praise from the industry authorities.

Photo by Rose Waite 

Diving into the meaning of the single, Mereki said, “’Twin Flame’ is about meeting someone for the first time and knowing immediately that you’ve met before, maybe a million times. And that this being has played every meaningful role in your life and that no matter how many challenges you might face together or what role they might play this lifetime, you’ve found each other again and you are together forever.”

Indie Australian/English artist Mereki creates pop with a purpose – vibrant musical worlds that share messages of transcendence and healing without sacrificing the fun. Now based in the UK, she first moved from her native Australia to the USA where she quickly found a home in the spiritually minded creative community of the east side of Los Angeles, collaborating with an impressive collection of producers, writers, and musicians as she refined her song writing and voice, laying the foundations for what was to come.

Photo by Rose Waite / Art Direction & Additional Graphics by Sara Rabin

Kindness and magic are at the backbone of everything Mereki aims to be and be around in her music and in her life. She finds expression for her message in many creative outlets. In addition to music, she is also working on a record label, a children’s book, a book of poetry and a collection of portrait photography. In 2016, Mereki created Mereki’s Clubhouse, a pop-up event platform with a focus on kindness and creating spaces to give a voice to up-and-coming female artists. The Clubhouse motto “Be Kind” grew into a non-profit organization of the same name.  

Now back with her new singles, “Presence” and “Twin Flame”, Mereki’s return to music marks what has already been an extraordinary year for her, including her UK live debut at the legendary Glastonbury Festival 2022, alongside appearances at a host of UK festivals and headlining shows in London. This new music offers a taste of what’s to come in 2023 as Mereki follows her personal journey towards self-realization.