With Christmas fast approaching we’re starting to get into the festive spirit at Unpolished.  Fashion Editor Rachel Bakewell selects her favourite pieces for December including styles she’ll be wearing in the lead up to Christmas and what she’s hoping to find under the tree come the 25th.

1.Helene Delmaire – Eyeless Girl

This piece from Helene Delmaire’s ‘Eyeless Girl’ series is one of my favourite wrks of art. Helene’s work explores elements of fragility and femininity and strength. I love how many of her works feature a subject whose identity if mysteriously masked by a delicate brush stroke or beautiful flower.

2. Sea New York Lace Collar

Sea New York have been a favourite brand of mine for many years now thanks to their sweet smocked dresses and ruffled blouses. I came across this amazing collar you can add to under any jumper or dress… total collar  crush and a must have for my wardrobe this season 

3. Alexa Chung Babydoll Pyjama Set

Just when you thought Alexa Chung’s namesake fashion line couldn’t get any better, they have released a dreamy nightwear collection. I can’t stop thinking about this sweet shorts and cami set.

4. Loquet London Necklace & Charm

Lockets are such a special piece of jewellery, they hold special meaning to the wearer, many featuring images or charms that relate cherished memories or loved ones. Loquet London offer a bespoke contemporary twist on the classic locket necklace.   Love the idea of collecting charms that relate to special people and moments in time. I particularly like their stunning diamond latter charms.

Super talented make-up artist Zoe Taylor, who I have had the pleasure of working with a number of times, recently launched her own beauty brand, Tinker Taylor which focuses on lip care and prides itself on collaborating with womens co-opertives in Ghana. She does an amazing Lip scrub which  has become an essential part of my beauty regime, and this lip balm by Zoe is perfect for, hydrating and plumping!

6. Margaux Studios Bow Barette

When it comes to bows I think the bigger the better! This huge embellished number from Margeaux Studios is so amazing! I fell in love with their dreamy aesthetic on their instagram …perfect for Christmas parties

7. Greta Bellamacina – Tomorrows Woman

My wonderful and talented friend Greta Bellamacina’s latest book of poems entitled ’Tomorrows Woman’ is a beautiful reflection on female identity, motherhood and love. I can’t wait to get cosy and read her latest works over the winter break and escape into a world of heavenly poetry.

8. Vivetta Pearl Strap Pumps

I instantly fell head over heels (pun intended) for these gorgeous pearl adorned Vivetta shoes! Perfectly styled in their catwalk show with white lace tights. One of the prettiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen!