Words by Kate Sinclair

In recent years the craft of pottery and creation of hand made ceramics has certainly boomed, with many seeking out original designs at local craft fairs and online, whilst others venture to classes to learn how to make their own. Original and one off designs are in high demand and it is  the hand crafted authenticity that draws many in, charmed by the personality and quirk that comes with each creation. Keen as ever to support and champion the work of independent creatives, this week we shine a light on K.S Creative and her endearing designs.


Founder Kate Sellers, who has previously worked in styling and visual merchandising, founded K.S. Creative in 2019. Kate initially studied ceramics during her Degree in Decorative Arts and in recent years returned to the craft. Sharing her initial designs on social media with friends and colleagues, her works have quickly gained attention and she has developed what was originally a comforting and therapeutic hobby into a passion and business.

Fusing her skills with a love of Sicilian design, she creates small batches of handmade tablewares – plates, bowls, cups and candle stick holders – with eccentric and playful designs. Each piece is lovingly crafted by Kate from the comfort of her home studio nestled at the end of her garden.

A keen cook, Kate has always enjoyed sourcing interesting tablewares and has spent many years doing so, developing an in depth knowledge of ceramics, in particular Sicilian designs. 

“My best friend is Sicilian and she introduced me to the tradition of ceramics throughout Sicily. I have been visiting the island every year for the past 20 years”


Drawing upon references from her travels, art studies and the pieces she has collected over the years, she has developed designs that fuse together her love of the Italian tradition and reflect her own personality – most notable being her recent quirky Picasso-esque face plates.

“Being able to make my own, something that is a little different to the norm and offer it for others to enjoy too is a real appeal”

Kate’s creations are currently available to purchase via direct requests and can be viewed on her Instagram account @k.s.creative.pottery.