Words by Kate Sinclair

Christopher Kane’s sister brand More Joy has teamed up with Le Specs to create their first sunglasses range. The collection consists of two of Le Specs classic and most popular silhouettes, reimagined in the iconic red, black and white designs of More Joy.

More Joy was first formed as a project between Christopher and his sister Tammy, who has been his long time collaborator and muse for the main line collection. The brand, which started as a range of slogan t-shirts, prides itself on being inclusive with an encouraging attitude that is hopeful and optimistic despite the challenges of todays world.

“As designers we know the things, we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our lives. As people we’ve learned positivity becomes a state of mind with daily affirmations. More Joy, Sex and Special are our brand placards that promote the realisation of higher ideals.” 

Christopher & Tammy Kane

The collection is now available to purchase at www.christopherkane.com and www.lespecs.com