Words by Carolina Sandeman

The saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them”, and that’s exactly what Preen did for Fall 2021. In this case, something more like, “If you can’t escape it, embrace it”. Finding themselves in the middle of lockdown when developing this collection,  designer duo Justin and Thea took inspiration from their immediate reality and their lockdown experience.

This collection searches for safety and security, while still allowing one to take time to dream, a much-needed escape during this time. Loosely inspired by a feeling of being unhinged, (Unsurprising during a pandemic!) looking to the likes of Little Edie from “Grey Gardens”, and her philosophy of going out in your mind, even if you don’t actually have anywhere to go. Preen have developed this concept by exploring the idea of dressing up at home and letting your imagination and love of style do the travelling.

The collection features comfortable knits and coats that are reminiscent of a safe cocoon in their oversized silhouettes. These are paired with quilted floral scarves and wraps, inspired by their Home line and styled in a Grey Gardens fashion. Their signature heritage dresses are re-imagined with a loungewear, effortless and relaxed style to them. In these pieces, their search for comfort and cosiness both in silhouette and materials is truly reflected.

For this collection, the brand chose sustainable fabrics to feature at its core, favouring recycled or deadstock materials to new ones. The pieces are made to order in limited runs, further promoting a sustainable approach to fashion,  eliminating any excess production and  waste. 

Preens Fall 2021 is a reflection of a reality many of us can identify with; the search for finding comfort, safety and security in the midst of the constant turmoil of events that continue to develop in the world today. While these trying times seem never-ending, Preen has given us a collection that can comfort and keep us safe until brighter days arrive.