A selection full of gold and glitter. But isn’t Christmas a perfect time for all the shine?
In fairytale by Grimm brothers gold fish could grant three wishes. Pretty sure this one can do the same. I’m in love with almost everything designed by Hillier Bartley duo and I’ve been loving this piece since it was launched. The gold-plated brass charm can be worn on a hoop earring or as a pendant. Pure perfection!


I’ve discovered this brand on my friend’s instagram and imediatelly fell in love. The Ballerina hair claw features a pale pink tortoiseshell with cut out sections finished with small hand-placed stones in silver, amber and holographic. It’s also made of eco-friendly, natural cellulose acetate.
I’ve been obsessed with this Erdem’s collection for Nars  since it debuted at London Fashion Week. This palette combines the set of absolutely perfect colours for every occasion. The box is absolutely beautiful as well.
It’s vegan, cruelty free and the absolutely perfect shade of pearl-glitter. Love!
Another hairclip, also pure perfection. It’s crafted from imitation pearl, set on a gold-tone clip hardware and accented with white beads.